Headmaster’s Welcome


MGarrodThis website is for all former staff and pupils of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys. Camp Hill is a large and growing family – and you’re part of it! We hope this website will be a convenient way to keep in touch with all members of the family. Through it, we would like to enable you to renew old acquaintances and connections, to keep in contact with the present school and to form new bonds with other members of the Camp Hill family. Please register with the Camp Hill Boys Alumni Association (you don’t have to pay anything) so that we know who you are and can keep you informed of our activities. Tell others to join, too, so that our network will grow.

Many former pupils do remain in touch with us; we love to see you when you visit and we are always grateful for your willingness to give of your time talking to groups of boys, giving advice and sharing your experience. I sometimes wonder if old boys underestimate two things: how much we enjoy welcoming you when you visit, and how many of the staff who taught you many years ago are still closely knit into our family.

Martin Garrod 

Headmaster (2014-)


A brief history of the Old Boys’ Association

The association of Old Boys of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys was reformed in 1999. The first time an old boys association was formed was on 21st of January 1884 subsequent to the first Headmaster, the Reverend Arthur Jamson-Smith M.A. suggesting that it would complement school life. The original name was ‘King Edwards Club, Camp Hill’ which was retained until 1893. The association flourished until World War One. Attempts were made to revive the association between the wars culminating in an appeal in 1946 for a war memorial for those old boys who had fallen in World War Two. An ambitious programme which included providing a sports ground with facilities for all old boys’ activities met with a disappointing response.

A further attempt at revival was made incorporating an appeal to help fund the building of the school swimming pool. The association became dormant once the swimming pool was completed in 1972. After 27 years a small but enthusiastic group met with the Headmaster, Mr Mervyn Brooker. This initial meeting led to a financial grant from the Foundation. We decided to establish a complementary ‘Camp Hill Alumni’ association in order to both retain existing links and to forge new ones with the thousands of former pupils who, at present remain ‘lost’ to their old school.

I would like to thank the Head of PE and Games, Mark Duncan for his endeavours in revitalising our links with our former students. In particular, I would also like to thank all of those who have served the Old Boys’ Association through its committee for so many years.

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